Jerk Chicken Stir Fry

Welcome to Feast Friday!

Every Friday I will post a recipe for a delicious meal that is easy to follow and satisfies your cravings.  The first recipe for our Feast Friday is my version of chicken stir-fry. I chose this timeless dish because it is easy to make and fills the stomach.


4 chicken breasts or thighs

3 mini bell peppers

half of an onion

1 full carrot

Extra virgin olive oil

Soy sauce

Jerk seasoning


American Cheese (optional)



Firstly, season the chicken with jerk seasoning, salt, and soy sauce.  Make sure the chicken is cleaned before seasoning.  Cover the chicken with the seasoning and leave it to the side.  The order of seasoning does not matter because the chicken will be marinating for 30 minutes to an hour.


After the chicken is done soaking in the seasoning, put the frying pan on low heat.  Pour the extra virgin olive oil until it covers the bottom of the pan.  Keeping the stove on low heat, place the chicken breasts one by one into the pan.  Let the chicken cook at medium heat for a little over 5 minutes.

While the chicken is cooking, wash off the vegetables and prepare to cut them all in cubes.  Again, the order does not matter, however, I started with the bell peppers first to cut the seeds out.  Repeat the same dicing style with the onion and carrot.

Now that the vegetables are diced, flip the chicken breasts to the other side and add the vegetables in all together.  Take a minute to cut the chicken into little strips before stirring the ingredients together for a few minutes.  Once the food is stirred, place the top on the pan and let the food simmer on medium heat for 15 minutes.


Note: Add the cheese after 10 minutes of letting the food simmer. Let the cheese melt for the next five minutes then continue with the last step.

After 15 minutes, the food will be ready.  You can eat the chicken stir fry with noodles, rice, or by itself.  This is a great way to spice up a classic dish!  Follow my recipe and you will be having people think you were BORN to be a chef!


Post a picture of your own chicken stir fry and tag me @ken.monet on Instagram.

Thank you for joining me for Feast Friday and I’ll talk to you guys soon.  Bye Babes!





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