Five Great Face Masks for Dry Skin

Hey Babes!

Fall and Winter are slowly approaching and my dry skin people know what that means.  The skin on our face is going through some “rough patches”.  The dry patches on our cheeks start to appear; our lips begin to chap; the glow we radiate throughout the summer is gone.  Instead of living life to the fullest, people with dry skin hide in dark rooms because of the harsh and cold weather.  Fortunately, I know of five great face masks that brings moisture back into the skin.

  1. Que Bella Beauty Nourishing face mask – This first face mask is AMAZING! It is easy to apply on the face and after 20 minutes, your face feels like Chinese silk.  It softens and nourishes the dry skin.  The best part of the face mask is the price.  The cream face mask is less than $2!

    source: Que Bella Beauty
  2. Studio 35 Beauty Moisturizing cream sheet mask – The next face mask is a product I have tried recently and it worked so quickly.  My skin felt refreshed after taking off the mask and rubbing in the solution.  The face mask is infused with goat milk and chamomile to hydrate the skin.  And the face mask only costs $1.99.

    source: Studio 35 Beauty
  3. Que Bella Beauty Skin Brightening face mask – I know what you’re thinking, “The brand must be sponsoring her,” I wish.  Que Bella Beauty is NOT sponsoring me, however, I am promoting the masks.  The third face mask smoothes out the skin and revives the glow.  The only con of the product would be the need of a light oil or cream after rinsing the mask off the face. And the mask is the same price as the first mask.

    source: Que Bella Beauty
  4. Freeman Hydrating water gel mask – Before trying this mask, I didn’t know face masks came in the form of a gel.  I decided to take a chance.  Was I happy with my decision?  Yes.  The mask hydrates the skin and it was less than $2.  However, use a night cream after rinsing off the face mask.

    source: Freeman Beauty
  5. Global Beauty Care Retinol face mask – The face mask promises soothing skin, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, and delaying again.  I can’t promise that it delays the aging, (sorry grandma), but it is a good face mask.  Unfortunately, after rinising the mask, my skin felt great for only 20 minutes.  Only use the mask at night and massage a night cream on your face for the BEST results.  Lucky for me, the mask was only a dollar.

    source: The Family Dollar Tree



And there you have it!  The five GREAT face masks for dry skin.  Do not feel forgotten my oily and combination skin companions.  I will have a list of great face masks for all skin types on this blog.  Remember to comment, like, and share this post with your friends and family.  Try one of the masks out for yourself and tag me in the photo on Instagram @ken.monet.
Until we meet again! Bye Babes!

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