Wake Up Wednesday

Good morning Babes!

It is Wednesday!  The day we climb the mountain to get to the other side (the other side being the weekend).  I get that Monday and Tuesday were stressful.  It probably took an hour to get out of bed, or you called out sick because you didn’t want to face the obstacles at work.  Maybe the sandbags tied to your shoulders were a little too heavy.  The negative thoughts that fill your head were taking a toll on you.  I understand.  Life hits us hard sometimes.  And sometimes it feels like it won’t end.

It will end.  The pain and suffering does stop.  It’s cliché but you can get through it.  You don’t need to rely on toxic coping mechanisms such as drinking and smoking to survive.  If you’re lonely and need someone to vent to while you cry your eyes out, I am here.  Chat with me if you need someone.  If you don’t know what to do when the anxiety creeps in and your breathing staggers, say a mantra.  In the morning, I say silently to myself, “I am alive and I will get through it.”  It might not be the mantra for you and that’s okay.  Find a phrase that connects to you.  And if you need to hear it today, I believe in you.

Have a great week and I will be posting soon.

Bye Babes!



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