Review: Freeman Beauty Rejuvenating Clay Mask

Hey Babes!

Today, I will be reviewing the Freeman Beauty Rejuvenating Clay Mask.  I tried Freeman Beauty products for my dry skin before, but I did not try the rejuvenating clay mask.  The website states the mask rejuvenates the skin and clears the pores.  The cucumbers reinvigorate the skin and the Himalayan pink salt exfoliate flaws for renewed skin.  The reviews for the clay mask were exceptional; many people claimed this to be Freeman Beauty’s best face mask.  Also, the mask is good for ALL skin types.   I knew I had to put the mask to the test after reading the reviews.

I followed the directions and applied a thin layer of the clay mask on my face.  The mask felt tight around my face in under 5 minutes.  After 10 minutes, I wanted to wipe off the mask.  The clay mask felt like someone glued the mask on my face.  And wiping the mask off didn’t feel better.  While wiping the mask off with warm water, the mask began to exfoliate my skin.  The time to completely wash off the mask was ridiculous.  It took an extra 10 minutes.  On the other hand, my face looked clear and smooth after the mask.  Surprisingly, the clay did not dry out my skin and did not leave residue.  Similar to other masks, the Freeman Beauty Rejuvenating clay mask has its pros and cons.


– Exfoliates the skin

-Leaves the skin looking fresh

-Won’t dry out the skin


-Tightens around the skin quickly

-Hurts to have the mask on

-Takes too long to wash the mask off

I would rate the Freeman Beauty Rejuvenating clasy mask a 3.5/5 stars.  The mask works well, however, it is not a relaxing experience waiting for the mask to dry.  If you would like to try the mask for yourself, Freeman Beauty is available at any local Walgreens and online at

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Bye Babes!




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