Three Ways To Enjoy Your Day

Hey Babes!

Welcome back.  Today is a new day and the perfect time to enjoy your day.  I understand, there isn’t enough time to enjoy yourself.  On the contrary, there is always enough time.  You don’t need an expensive massage or a day in Paris to enjoy the day.  You don’t need to set aside eight hours of freetime.  All you need is yourself and a room; these three activities are best to practice everyday.

1. Meditation

According to Yoga International, meditation is a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness.  It is not bound by religion or science, however, it can be included in either one.  Meditation is beneficial and can be practiced before the sun rises or when the moon shines.  Some benefits of meditations are reducing stress, improving sleep, and increasing focus.  Try meditating first thing in the morning for ten minutes.  If you can’t meditate in the morning, try night after you have completed everything for the day.  You will feel more relaxed and awake with meditation.

2. Guilty Pleasure

I get it, its a “guilty pleasure” for a reason.  But what is wrong with indulging in one of your guilty pleasures once a day?  May it be watching terrible reality TV or eating four Snickers, you should be able to indulge.  Stop listening to Instagram models giving dietrician advise but using laxatives to lose weight.  It’s okay to have a cheat day.

3. Solitude

If you are not familiar with the word solitude, you need it the most.  Solitude is being alone; away from people and enjoying yourself.  Turn off the phone, take a seat somewhere you know you’ll be alone for a while, and bask in the silence.  Discover things about yourself that you do subconsciously.  Dance to your favorite music; read a book that’s collected dust on your bookshelf.  Whatever it is, do it alone.  Release all the bad toxins of the day and have fun.


And those are three activities you can do to enjoy your day.  Tell me some of the things you do to enjoy your day. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share this blog with your friends and family!


Bye Babes!



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