Take Care of Your Creativity

Hey Babes!

Recently, I suffered from writer’s block.  I couldn’t think of any topics to discuss with my readers; it frustrated me that I didn’t post on the blog.  I tried to think of different recipes, self-care topics, and inspirational talks to help my audience get through the day.  It became harder and harder to sit in front of my laptop and write.  My fingertips struggled to glide across my keyboard; I was in a rut.  I realized one night that I forgot to take care of my creativity.

What does “taking care of my creativity” mean?  It means to plant the ideas swarming the mind, water the ideas with perseverance and passion, and continue to care for those creative ideas.   Creativity is a muscle. We need to exercise our creativity for it to grow and flourish.  We exercise our brain everyday to solve equations, memorize important detail, and gain knowledge.  But we forget, logic is equally important as art; we need both to survive.  Take time out of your day to do something creative.  Paint for an hour, dance in some loungewear, practice singing in a different range, write your feelings in a notebook until you can’t anymore; exercise your creative muscle.  Remember to nourish your creative garden.

There will be obstacles along the way.  That is normal.  You might doubt your craft, but don’t let negativity ruin the garden.  I learned a lesson being away from my blog; creativity will flow when you let it.  Dabble in something new or revisit familiar ground; Do not let your artistic mind go to waste.  Go on and water your garden, pull out the weeds, plant new flowers, and watch the creativity grow.  I promise you won’t regret it.


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Bye Babes!





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