Time to Act: Femicide

Hey Babes,

I wanted to speak to my readers about a topic that is currently happening in our world – femicide.  Disclaimer: I received all my information from credible sources and the topic also discusses rape, death, sexual abuse, etc. 

On August 24 of this year, a young university student, Uyinene Mrwetyana, went missing.  Almost two weeks later, a man turned himself in to the authorities claiming to be Uyinene’s killer.  The 42 year old suspect described the details of the murder and led the authorities to the place he “dumped” the body.  Mrwetyana went to the post office where the suspect worked to inquiry about a parcel.  The murderer explained to the victim that he was not able to assist her at the time and she needed to come back later.  Unfortunately, she came back later when the two of them would be alone; the suspect then attacked her, killing her at the scene.   According to IOL, the man locked the doors of the post office, attacked her, and penetrated her.  In her last final moments, she fought back.  The brave woman fought her attacker before he could bludgeon her to death with a scale.   The killer contemplated burning her body, instead he left her body in the next town over. 

This young woman’s life was cut short by a man with a malicious soul and she’s not alone.  Blood boxer and karate champion, Leighandre Jegels, was shot days before by her soldier boyfriend, Bulelani Manyakama. Violence against women have risen in the recent years.  President Cyril Ramaphosa promised he will work with legislators and other government officials to raft a reform and tackle the crisis; however, he did not declare a state of emergency.   This is more than rafting a reform and talking about making the world safer for women and children, we need more than a discussion.  We are more than a conversation.  Bolivia, Venezuela, South Sudan, South Africa, America, India are a few countries where violence against women is on the rise.  Women can’t walk down the street or reject a person’s advances in fear of being killed.  Patriarchy allows women to be beaten, raped, assaulted, neglected without justice.  For example, Brock Turner served three months in jail for raping Chanel Miller.  He committed a crime that a person can serve 14 years in federal prison; he was sentenced to six months and served three months. 

Our abusers are getting away with tainting our lives.  We need to act.  For instance, Bolivia declared femicide a national priority.  The government announced a ten point emergency plan which will include: educating public sector employees and civil servants on gender violence and prevention, increasing government spending on gender violence and prevention, training school and university educators about the psychological, sexual, and physical violence women and young girls face.  We need more countries and governments to recognize this is a global issue and we need protection.  If you want to have your voice heard, spread awareness; educate men, and women about the crisis; please volunteer and donate to organizations that specialize in preventing violence.  See organizations below:




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