Travel for the Holidays

Hey Babes!

It’s that time of the year!  The leaves are changing colors; the snow is falling, covering the ground; grandma is cooking the Thanksgiving turkey and sides; parents are wrapping the toys, and I am craving to go on vacation and escape winter. 

Personally, I hate winter ever since I was a little girl.  The freezing temperature and daunting breeze of winter annoy me to the core.  Most people wish for a white Christmas with a plethora of presents under the tree.  I, on the other hand, wish for a glass of Sangria and a plane ticket to Bali.  I enjoy traveling to different places, and winter is the best time to do so. 

Unfortunately, it is hard to plan for a winter vacation.  The price of hotels increases and the number of available seats on a plane decrease.  Sometimes, the chosen location is booked to capacity and won’t be available until next year.  What’s even worse than not being able to book the place you want is not knowing where you want to go.  What’s the best place to go right now?  How much would it cost to go there?  What if these pictures on Google are fabricated?  There are disadvantages to traveling in the winter, but I have a great tip for you.

Jetzy!  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “Bougie, what is Jetzy?”  Let me explain.  Jetzy is an app that allows you to interact with other travelers; post moments on your profile, and receive rewards for using the app.  You can add friends and give shout-outs from different areas around the world.  If you receive a certain number of points, you can get a free trip on Jetzy.  I downloaded the app and fell in love with all the different places other Jetzy users posted.  You receive 1,000 reward points as soon as you sign up!  Download the app and use the code ‘V8T7eBzr’ and earn another 100 reward points.  

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Guest Review: Charcoal Bubble Mask

Hey Babes!

Today, I have a special treat.  I invited a guest to review the Charcoal Bubble Mask from Walgreens.  The sheet mask is one of Walgreens’ newest skincare items.  The Charcoal Bubble mask deep cleans, exfoliates, and invigorates the skin.  Walgreens infused charcoal and micro-bubble foaming action to create the perfect mask for all skin types.

My guest reviewer, D. Brown, has dry skin.  His face feels rough and tight when he does not moisturize his skin.  We placed the mask on his face and left it on for three minutes.

Bougie: How do you feel when I put the mask on your face?

D. Brown: At first, the mask is cold on the face.  Also, it feels slimy, like snail slime.  It’s not the worst feeling, but I wish the mask was warm.

Bougie: I can see the bubbles forming on top of the mask.  Do you feel the bubbles working on your face?

D. Brown: Yes, I feel it all over my face. The bubbles begin to work on contact.  I feel the bubbles tickling my pores, so the mask must be working.

Bougie: Have you tried a charcoal-infused face mask before this mask?

D. B.: No.  I tried face masks with all different types of ingredients.  This would be my first mask with charcoal.

Bougie: Unfortunately, you only need the mask for three minutes.  It is time to take it off.

[Takes off mask]

D. B.: What do I do next?

Bougie: Rub the remaining cleanser into the skin, then rinse your face with warm water.

D. B.: Okay.

[Rubs cleanser into skin and rinses face]

D. B.: My skin feels smoother and looks brighter.  My face doesn’t feel tight and dry.  You see results as soon as you finish.

Bougie: Would you incorporate this mask into your daily routine?

D. B.: Definitely.

Bougie: Thank you for reviewing this product.  Also, your face is glowing!

D.B.: [Laughs] Thanks, babe.

After the charcoal face mask


And there you have it!  The Charcoal Bubble mask was a success!  The mask begins to work immediately after applying to the face. Also, the results are amazing.  If you are in a hurry and do not have time for a regular ten-minute face mask, the charcoal facial mask is perfect. The face mask retails for $1.49 at Walgreens.  Thank you for reading this post and have a great Monday!

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DIY Hair Mask

Hey Babes!

Today, we are going to be dealing with our hair.  Sometimes, I wear my natural hair and other times, I wear wigs.  Some days, it is easier to wash my hair and leave the house.  Other days, I put on my wig and go.  There are people who enjoy wearing wigs and there are people who enjoy wearing their natural hair. There are differences between wigs and our natural hair, however, the two have one thing in common.  Natural hair and wigs need love.  So let’s give our hair some love!

This DIY mask will create shine and soften your hair.  The mask can be used for human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs, as well.


1 Egg

1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

1/4 cup of Honey

1/3 cup of Warm Water


Start by cracking the egg in a bowl and adding the apple cider vinegar and the honey.  Using a whisk, mix the ingredients together.  Afterward, add the water slowly and mix it into the blend.  Once the ingredients are combined, saturate the hair with the mask.  If you are using the mask on a wig, keep the mixture about two inches away from the wig cap.



Put on the shower cap and leave the hair mask on for 30 – 35 minutes.  Wash the mask out of the hair with your favorite shampoo and condition the hair.  Dry your natural hair with a blow dryer and let your wig air dry.  Watch your hair transform from dry and rough to shiny and soft!



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Autumn Skincare Routine

Hey Babes!

The day is getting colder and shorter while my skin is getting dryer and flakier. The freezing air is sucking the moisture out of my skin and is leaving me high and DRY!  Luckily, I own some products that help my skin retain its moisture.  I created a fall skincare routine to keep my face looking vibrant and healthy.  Today, I will share my skincare routine with you!

1. Wash the face

Currently, I use the Botanics All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash to get rid of the excess dirt from my face.  I scrub the foam wash with a facial cleansing brush to keep my hands away from my face.  After I finish washing my face, I proceed with my next step.


2. Toner time

When I was naive and uneducated, I didn’t understand the purpose of using a toner after the face wash.  I thought the facial wash would be enough; I was wrong.  My favorite toner to use is the Breedlove Beauty Tea Tree & Witch Hazel facial toner.  It is black-owned and affordable to purchase.  The product works wonders and keeps my skin clear.  I’ll spray the product onto a cotton pad and gently wipe the pad on my face.  Repeat this step one more time before trashing the cotton pad.  Once I finish using the toner, I move on to the next step.


3. Spray the facial mist

Remember the time I told you that I have dry skin?  Well, the next step hydrates my skin before I moisturize.  The Garnier Soothing Rose Water Facial Mist leaves my skin feeling refreshed.  I spray it all over my face and let it sink into my skin.  The spray adds the right amount of hydration without my face looking drenched in the mist.  When the mist dries, I progress to the next part.


4. Face cream part 1

I know what you are thinking, “Why is there more than one part to the face cream?”  Remember my terribly flaky, dry skin?  Yes, she needs more than one cream.  Usually, I stick to one cream in the summer; I don’t want to start melting in public.  Then again, my fall skincare routine has some modifications.  My skin would cry out in pain if I did not use two face creams in the colder seasons.  The first moisturizer I use is another product from Breedlove Beauty.  The Triple Butter Whipped  Body Butter is not specifically a face cream.  The butter is meant to be used for the whole body.  Personally, I have two different lotions that I use for my body, so adding the body butter to the list didn’t make much sense.  On the contrary, I didn’t use any cream for my face.  The body butter contains oils that hydrate the skin and reduce dryness – a perfect match for my face.  After rubbing the butter upwards on my face and in small circles, I apply the next face cream.


5. Face cream part 2

Recently, I discovered Pond’s Dry Skin Cream and I fell in love.  The cream keeps my face moisturized for the entire day.  Adding the Pond’s cream with the Breedlove Beauty butter keeps my face hydrated and highlights my natural glow.  I apply the Pond’s Dry Skin Cream in the same direction as the body butter.  Rub the lotion upwards and in small circles all over the face.  Afterward, I’ll spread lip balm over my lips and go out for the day.



And that is my autumn skincare routine.  Remember to drink lots of water, do not touch your face with dirty hands, and use products that cater to your specific needs.  Don’t forget to like, share, and comment on this post.  Follow me on Instagram at @ken.monet for more blog updates.

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Three Ways To Enjoy Your Day

Hey Babes!

Welcome back.  Today is a new day and the perfect time to enjoy your day.  I understand, there isn’t enough time to enjoy yourself.  On the contrary, there is always enough time.  You don’t need an expensive massage or a day in Paris to enjoy the day.  You don’t need to set aside eight hours of freetime.  All you need is yourself and a room; these three activities are best to practice everyday.

1. Meditation

According to Yoga International, meditation is a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness.  It is not bound by religion or science, however, it can be included in either one.  Meditation is beneficial and can be practiced before the sun rises or when the moon shines.  Some benefits of meditations are reducing stress, improving sleep, and increasing focus.  Try meditating first thing in the morning for ten minutes.  If you can’t meditate in the morning, try night after you have completed everything for the day.  You will feel more relaxed and awake with meditation.

2. Guilty Pleasure

I get it, its a “guilty pleasure” for a reason.  But what is wrong with indulging in one of your guilty pleasures once a day?  May it be watching terrible reality TV or eating four Snickers, you should be able to indulge.  Stop listening to Instagram models giving dietrician advise but using laxatives to lose weight.  It’s okay to have a cheat day.

3. Solitude

If you are not familiar with the word solitude, you need it the most.  Solitude is being alone; away from people and enjoying yourself.  Turn off the phone, take a seat somewhere you know you’ll be alone for a while, and bask in the silence.  Discover things about yourself that you do subconsciously.  Dance to your favorite music; read a book that’s collected dust on your bookshelf.  Whatever it is, do it alone.  Release all the bad toxins of the day and have fun.


And those are three activities you can do to enjoy your day.  Tell me some of the things you do to enjoy your day. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share this blog with your friends and family!


Bye Babes!