Fall Skincare Essentials

Hey Babes,

Fall is here and it is time to transition!  All the crop tops, shorts, and bikinis are walking in a single file line into the closet while the fall and winter clothes are making an entrance.  Autumn is great for turtlenecks, scarves, hats, petticoats, and thigh high boots; however, the icy winds and cold temperatures dry out the skin.  Combine the cold winds with dry air from radiators and you have a disaster waiting to happen.  Skin loses moisture during the cold seasons which can cause flakiness, irritation, and sensitivity.  And you can’t take cute selfies when all you want to do is scratch your face.  Changing up your skincare routine is necessary to keep your skin looking healthy, young, and smooth.  Here are some essentials for everyday fall beauty. 

Add Some Thickness to the Mix

It is time to ditch the light moisturizers and start shopping for heavier creams.  Using a thicker moisturizer compensates for the natural moisture the skin loses.  According to dermatologists, using a thick cream with ceramides, lipids that help form the skin’s barrier, and retain skin moisture, helps keep your skin hydrated and firm. 

Bat the Eyes and Pout the Lips

If you are not already moisturizing your lips and using eye cream, then its time to start.  Using eye creams and lip balms make it easier to keep the face looking together.  The skin does not do well when the seasons transition.  Make it easier by using lip balms and eye creams to make sure the whole face is hydrated.  Also, lip balms have dual usage; us the lip balm to moisturize dry spots on your skin. 

Put away the exfoliate

Now that the weather is changing, so should your use of exfoliates.  You don’t need to use exfoliates as frequent as you would in the summer and spring.  After using a scrub, the skin becomes raw and sensitive.  Exposed skin in a cold setting in a recipe for disaster.  Use a softer exfoliate bi-weekly and don’t forget to put a balm on afterwards.

Sunscreen is Still Necessary

Don’t you dare put away that SPF 50!  The sun is still bright in the sky and your skin is still in danger of getting burned.  The sun might not feel as smoldering as it does in the summer, however, it can still damage the skin.  In addition to using SPF, add vitamin C to your regime.  Vitamin C blocks the sun rays that sunscreen does not and helps boost collagen production in the skin.

Buy a Humidifier

Humidifiers are known to boost hydration by adding moisture to the air.  The more moisture added to the air, the more it will share with your skin. 

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Tips to Maintain Your Mane in the Winter

Hey babes,

Fall is here! Halloween is around the corner, and my sweet tooth is coming in. The cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and candies I will be enjoying because of the Halloween and birthday parties. Almost everyone in my life has a birthday in all the Fall and Winter months; my own birthday is in November. And you know what that means, I need to look good. It’s great to have days where you can relax in some sweatpants, but some days deserves a fashion show. And this includes having the hair done.

Fall and winter can be harsh for natural hair. Hair breaks off when the harsh wind hits it. The cold air makes the hair brittle and brittle hair creates split ends. Split ends do not look good. My hair is NOT allowed to look like the witch brooms of the Sanderson sisters. Babes, we must protect our hair. Luckily, I have some tips for keeping our hair moisturized and healthy.

-Hats are friends, not food
Please save a babe and donate a hat. Keeping the hair protected from the wind is important to keep the hair from breaking. Not all hats are good for hair. Silk lined hats are best because the fabric does not absorb the moisture in the hair or cause friction like other fabrics. Silk lined hats can be found on Amazon, Grace Eleyae, and Etsy.

-Protective Hairstyles
Braids, twists, ponytails, buns, wigs, etc. are great hairstyles that will protect the hair.  There is a variety of braids at affordable prices.  Box braids, crochet braids, and even Senegalese twists come in different colors and sizes and still protect your hair.  Adding extensions to your hair is another fun way to protect your hair this winter!  Either online or at your local beauty supply store, extensions are cheap and reusable.  If you want a fluffier ponytail, or more length to your hair, extensions are the best to use.  And lastly, wigs.  Wigs can change your personality in a moment.  Each wig is a different look.  You can be a red head on Monday and have deep blue hair by Thursday.  The change is nice but be careful about wig glue.  Your edges will begin to thin out if there is too much wig glue. 

-Let your SLOW GLOW

Moisturizing your hair in the winter is essential to keeping your curls healthy.  Hair dries out in the winter; oiling and moisturizing the hair keeps it from feeling like straw. Oils such as Jamaican black castor oil, aragon oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil are great in the winter because of its nourishing, and rejuvenating properties.  Using the L.O.C./L.C.O. method seals moisture in and keeps the curls defined.  Grab your favorite leave-in conditioner and curl defining cream, go to Netflix on your laptop, and enjoy the end of the night by watching your favorite show and giving your hair some TLC.

-Cut it out!  

Trim those split ends, sis.  There are hundreds of videos on YouTube on how to trim your ends at home.  Split ends prevent hair growth and create weak hair strands.  Let those ends go! 

– Keep the heat out of the kitchen

Steaming your hair is good for the hair, however, using heat to straighten it is not acceptable.  Curling or flat ironing the hair dries and burns the hair.  We do not need to add ways to dry out our hair this winter.  Put the flat iron away and search stretching styles on YouTube.  I promise you will appreciate the stretched method more than using heat to straighten your hair. 

And these are a few tips to maintain healthy hair in the winter.  Post a pic of your best curls and tag me on Instagram.  Don’t forget to like, share, and comment on the post.  Become a Bougie Babe and subscribe to the blog!  I would love to see more interaction from my babes.  For any updates, follow my Instagram @Ken.monet!  Thank you for reading!



Guest Review: Charcoal Bubble Mask

Hey Babes!

Today, I have a special treat.  I invited a guest to review the Charcoal Bubble Mask from Walgreens.  The sheet mask is one of Walgreens’ newest skincare items.  The Charcoal Bubble mask deep cleans, exfoliates, and invigorates the skin.  Walgreens infused charcoal and micro-bubble foaming action to create the perfect mask for all skin types.

My guest reviewer, D. Brown, has dry skin.  His face feels rough and tight when he does not moisturize his skin.  We placed the mask on his face and left it on for three minutes.

Bougie: How do you feel when I put the mask on your face?

D. Brown: At first, the mask is cold on the face.  Also, it feels slimy, like snail slime.  It’s not the worst feeling, but I wish the mask was warm.

Bougie: I can see the bubbles forming on top of the mask.  Do you feel the bubbles working on your face?

D. Brown: Yes, I feel it all over my face. The bubbles begin to work on contact.  I feel the bubbles tickling my pores, so the mask must be working.

Bougie: Have you tried a charcoal-infused face mask before this mask?

D. B.: No.  I tried face masks with all different types of ingredients.  This would be my first mask with charcoal.

Bougie: Unfortunately, you only need the mask for three minutes.  It is time to take it off.

[Takes off mask]

D. B.: What do I do next?

Bougie: Rub the remaining cleanser into the skin, then rinse your face with warm water.

D. B.: Okay.

[Rubs cleanser into skin and rinses face]

D. B.: My skin feels smoother and looks brighter.  My face doesn’t feel tight and dry.  You see results as soon as you finish.

Bougie: Would you incorporate this mask into your daily routine?

D. B.: Definitely.

Bougie: Thank you for reviewing this product.  Also, your face is glowing!

D.B.: [Laughs] Thanks, babe.

After the charcoal face mask


And there you have it!  The Charcoal Bubble mask was a success!  The mask begins to work immediately after applying to the face. Also, the results are amazing.  If you are in a hurry and do not have time for a regular ten-minute face mask, the charcoal facial mask is perfect. The face mask retails for $1.49 at Walgreens.  Thank you for reading this post and have a great Monday!

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Take Care of Your Creativity

Hey Babes!

Recently, I suffered from writer’s block.  I couldn’t think of any topics to discuss with my readers; it frustrated me that I didn’t post on the blog.  I tried to think of different recipes, self-care topics, and inspirational talks to help my audience get through the day.  It became harder and harder to sit in front of my laptop and write.  My fingertips struggled to glide across my keyboard; I was in a rut.  I realized one night that I forgot to take care of my creativity.

What does “taking care of my creativity” mean?  It means to plant the ideas swarming the mind, water the ideas with perseverance and passion, and continue to care for those creative ideas.   Creativity is a muscle. We need to exercise our creativity for it to grow and flourish.  We exercise our brain everyday to solve equations, memorize important detail, and gain knowledge.  But we forget, logic is equally important as art; we need both to survive.  Take time out of your day to do something creative.  Paint for an hour, dance in some loungewear, practice singing in a different range, write your feelings in a notebook until you can’t anymore; exercise your creative muscle.  Remember to nourish your creative garden.

There will be obstacles along the way.  That is normal.  You might doubt your craft, but don’t let negativity ruin the garden.  I learned a lesson being away from my blog; creativity will flow when you let it.  Dabble in something new or revisit familiar ground; Do not let your artistic mind go to waste.  Go on and water your garden, pull out the weeds, plant new flowers, and watch the creativity grow.  I promise you won’t regret it.


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DIY Hair Mask

Hey Babes!

Today, we are going to be dealing with our hair.  Sometimes, I wear my natural hair and other times, I wear wigs.  Some days, it is easier to wash my hair and leave the house.  Other days, I put on my wig and go.  There are people who enjoy wearing wigs and there are people who enjoy wearing their natural hair. There are differences between wigs and our natural hair, however, the two have one thing in common.  Natural hair and wigs need love.  So let’s give our hair some love!

This DIY mask will create shine and soften your hair.  The mask can be used for human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs, as well.


1 Egg

1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

1/4 cup of Honey

1/3 cup of Warm Water


Start by cracking the egg in a bowl and adding the apple cider vinegar and the honey.  Using a whisk, mix the ingredients together.  Afterward, add the water slowly and mix it into the blend.  Once the ingredients are combined, saturate the hair with the mask.  If you are using the mask on a wig, keep the mixture about two inches away from the wig cap.



Put on the shower cap and leave the hair mask on for 30 – 35 minutes.  Wash the mask out of the hair with your favorite shampoo and condition the hair.  Dry your natural hair with a blow dryer and let your wig air dry.  Watch your hair transform from dry and rough to shiny and soft!



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