Three Strand Twist Tutorial

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Review: Beauty Shield Massaging Overnight Recovery Cream

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Summer is coming to an end with August being the last month of summer vacation.  The leaves are changing colors and the wind is biting at our skin.  Summer is not over, but the weather change is affecting my face.  As you all know, my skin is dryer than hair damaged by heat for over ten years.  My day skincare routine has saved my skin from the harsh sun, however, my skin still felt dry when waking up.  I knew I needed to change something else – my nighttime routine. 

My night routine didn’t change much from my previous routine post.  On the other hand, I did not replace most of the products I used after I finished the bottle.  Stupidly, I thought she (my skin) would act accordingly during the midnight hours.  That didn’t happen.  I was faced with a dilemma; how do I repair my skin when I’m not awake?  I didn’t know where to start, honestly.  The first thing I thought to do was to look for ingredients that help with repairing the skin.  Skin is important to me and I do research the ingredients of the products I use.  It is important to me to align myself with companies that are ethical and socially responsible.  I researched about a few companies and I saw an interesting product – the E.L.F. Beauty Shield Massaging Overnight Recovery Cream. 

E.L.F. is an affordable drug store makeup company that is sold in many stores such as Target, Ulta Beauty, Walgreens, CVS, and E.L.F. cosmetic stores.  I purchased the massaging cream at Target for $14 plus tax.  The ingredients, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene; Cetyl Alcohol; Vitamin C; Pomegranate oil; and Carrot oil, sold me on the product.  Hydrogenated Polyisobutene is a polymer that thickens the oils in cosmetic products which creates a softer and smoother look.  Cetyl Alcohol is a non-drying alcohol that holds the ingredients together.  Vitamin C, pomegranate oil, and carrot oil are antioxidants that nourish the skin; brighten dark spots; and repair damaged skin.  These ingredients were solutions to the issues I had with my skin.

After my first use with the recovery overnight cream, the consistency caught my attention.  I noticed the cream did not completely sink into the skin.  With the massager alone, my skin did not absorb the product.  I massaged the rest of the product into my skin with my fingers.  The substance didn’t feel sticky or greasy; it felt better on my face after I put it in the refrigerator for two minutes. 

The morning after, my face felt moisturized.  My appearance wasn’t affected immediately, however, my face did feel smoother.  After a few weeks of use, the massaging overnight recovery cream became a favorite.  Rolling the massaging beads on my face feels relaxing, especially after a rough day.  The cream works best on a fresh, clean face so I use the Beauty Shield product after applying my Vitamin C toner from BreedLove Beauty Co.  I noticed my skin felt nourished and hydrated in the morning. The bumps and ridges of my skin felt smoother and less visible. I like the product thus far and recommend it for people with minor skin damage.  If you want shorter reviews on products, follow my Influester – @kenmonet.

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Take Care of Your Creativity

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Recently, I suffered from writer’s block.  I couldn’t think of any topics to discuss with my readers; it frustrated me that I didn’t post on the blog.  I tried to think of different recipes, self-care topics, and inspirational talks to help my audience get through the day.  It became harder and harder to sit in front of my laptop and write.  My fingertips struggled to glide across my keyboard; I was in a rut.  I realized one night that I forgot to take care of my creativity.

What does “taking care of my creativity” mean?  It means to plant the ideas swarming the mind, water the ideas with perseverance and passion, and continue to care for those creative ideas.   Creativity is a muscle. We need to exercise our creativity for it to grow and flourish.  We exercise our brain everyday to solve equations, memorize important detail, and gain knowledge.  But we forget, logic is equally important as art; we need both to survive.  Take time out of your day to do something creative.  Paint for an hour, dance in some loungewear, practice singing in a different range, write your feelings in a notebook until you can’t anymore; exercise your creative muscle.  Remember to nourish your creative garden.

There will be obstacles along the way.  That is normal.  You might doubt your craft, but don’t let negativity ruin the garden.  I learned a lesson being away from my blog; creativity will flow when you let it.  Dabble in something new or revisit familiar ground; Do not let your artistic mind go to waste.  Go on and water your garden, pull out the weeds, plant new flowers, and watch the creativity grow.  I promise you won’t regret it.


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