Tips to Maintain Your Mane in the Winter

Hey babes,

Fall is here! Halloween is around the corner, and my sweet tooth is coming in. The cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and candies I will be enjoying because of the Halloween and birthday parties. Almost everyone in my life has a birthday in all the Fall and Winter months; my own birthday is in November. And you know what that means, I need to look good. It’s great to have days where you can relax in some sweatpants, but some days deserves a fashion show. And this includes having the hair done.

Fall and winter can be harsh for natural hair. Hair breaks off when the harsh wind hits it. The cold air makes the hair brittle and brittle hair creates split ends. Split ends do not look good. My hair is NOT allowed to look like the witch brooms of the Sanderson sisters. Babes, we must protect our hair. Luckily, I have some tips for keeping our hair moisturized and healthy.

-Hats are friends, not food
Please save a babe and donate a hat. Keeping the hair protected from the wind is important to keep the hair from breaking. Not all hats are good for hair. Silk lined hats are best because the fabric does not absorb the moisture in the hair or cause friction like other fabrics. Silk lined hats can be found on Amazon, Grace Eleyae, and Etsy.

-Protective Hairstyles
Braids, twists, ponytails, buns, wigs, etc. are great hairstyles that will protect the hair.  There is a variety of braids at affordable prices.  Box braids, crochet braids, and even Senegalese twists come in different colors and sizes and still protect your hair.  Adding extensions to your hair is another fun way to protect your hair this winter!  Either online or at your local beauty supply store, extensions are cheap and reusable.  If you want a fluffier ponytail, or more length to your hair, extensions are the best to use.  And lastly, wigs.  Wigs can change your personality in a moment.  Each wig is a different look.  You can be a red head on Monday and have deep blue hair by Thursday.  The change is nice but be careful about wig glue.  Your edges will begin to thin out if there is too much wig glue. 

-Let your SLOW GLOW

Moisturizing your hair in the winter is essential to keeping your curls healthy.  Hair dries out in the winter; oiling and moisturizing the hair keeps it from feeling like straw. Oils such as Jamaican black castor oil, aragon oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil are great in the winter because of its nourishing, and rejuvenating properties.  Using the L.O.C./L.C.O. method seals moisture in and keeps the curls defined.  Grab your favorite leave-in conditioner and curl defining cream, go to Netflix on your laptop, and enjoy the end of the night by watching your favorite show and giving your hair some TLC.

-Cut it out!  

Trim those split ends, sis.  There are hundreds of videos on YouTube on how to trim your ends at home.  Split ends prevent hair growth and create weak hair strands.  Let those ends go! 

– Keep the heat out of the kitchen

Steaming your hair is good for the hair, however, using heat to straighten it is not acceptable.  Curling or flat ironing the hair dries and burns the hair.  We do not need to add ways to dry out our hair this winter.  Put the flat iron away and search stretching styles on YouTube.  I promise you will appreciate the stretched method more than using heat to straighten your hair. 

And these are a few tips to maintain healthy hair in the winter.  Post a pic of your best curls and tag me on Instagram.  Don’t forget to like, share, and comment on the post.  Become a Bougie Babe and subscribe to the blog!  I would love to see more interaction from my babes.  For any updates, follow my Instagram @Ken.monet!  Thank you for reading!



Review: Walgreens Avocado Oil and Oatmeal Mask

Hey Babes!

Welcome back to Bougie Babe!  I hope your holiday weekend was phenomenal.  Today, I will be reviewing another Walgreens face mask. Again, I visited my favorite place on Earth (An exaggeration, but it’s almost true.) – Walgreens.  I searched the shelves to find a new product to try for my readers.  As I struggled to find anything new, a specific tube caught my eye.  The design of the bottle isn’t unique or special, but I wanted to try it.  The mask does not include Parabens, Phthalates, and Sulfates; however, the mask includes fragrance.  I looked for the face mask on the Walgreens’ website.  Unfortunately, I did not find the mask on the website.  After intensive research on Google, I gave up.  This facial tube mask I bought at Walgreens is only available at my local Walgreens store. 

Walgreens’ Nourish Facial Mask

The Avocado oil and Oatmeal face mask is a good mask. It works well on the skin and dries swiftly.  If you have sensitive skin, be careful and wash the mask off quickly.  After applying the paste to my face, the mask immediately began to dry.  The mask feels tight on the skin while it dries.  The tinkling sensation is absent with this specific mask.  Also, the fragrance in the mask is not a strong scent. After about ten minutes, the mask is completely dry.

Once I washed the mask off, my skin felt smoother.  I needed to apply a moisturizer because my face looked ashy and felt like cement.  I used the Breedlove Beauty buttercream to bring the moisture back into my face and my skin felt better.  The mask is not the best mask out of every face mask I have tried, however, it is a good one.  It is good to clear the skin; if you aren’t careful about what you use to moisturize the skin afterwards, the mask will irritate your skin.  Overall, the Walgreens’ Nourish Avocado oil and Oatmeal mask is two and a half stars out of five stars.  The mask is good for clearing the skin but does not “nourish” the face.

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Bye Babes!